Ship at the Moselle Riverside - © Marcel Fuchs
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Even the Roman poet Ausonius knew that the Moselle, with its typical river bends reflecting the most diverse of rock formations and vineyards, was something very special. It was the Moselle that once made Trier rich as a trade route – as attested by the famous Neumagener Weinschiff, which served as a stone sculpture atop the tomb of a Roman wine merchant and can today be admired at the Rheinisches Landesmuseum. Find it too boring just to look? On the ‘Stella Noviomagi’, the true-to-scale replica of the wine ship, you can lend a hand yourself and cruise the Moselle as a real Roman retiarius (‘rower’).
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Header: ©Marcel Fuchs


Passenger shipping Kolb
A total of 16 ships for 20 - 800 people

Passenger shipping Kolb
Georg Schmitt Platz 2
54292 Trier
Tel. + 49 (0)651 26666

Ex-mail ship TELEGRAAF IV.
Ship for individual occasions and celebrations of all kinds (with disco, party / bar room, dining room, free deck, stage u.v.m.).

Telegraaf IV.
PO Box 1245
54334 Schweich
Tel. + 49 (0)6507 8226 or + 49 (0)172 7488488