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Trier for All


Great thinkers and golden treasures, ancient splendour  and baroque luxuriance, works of art dating back from 1800 engraved in stone.
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Where else could you be more successful? Planning, discussing, finding solutions - we´ve been doing that here for over 2000 years. This former Roman capital city brings people together and inspires them. To new creativity. To innovative ideas. To a new feeling of "we".
You, too, can write success story in Trier. We´ll be happy to assist you.

Conference sites:
Our conference locations are perfectly equipped for your conference: the best technical requisites, a large offer, and attractive supporting programs create the ideal mix of work and pleasure.

Convene historically:
Thousands of years have left their traces in Germany´s Evidence of Roman and medieval culture cam be found here in many places. You can hold your conference in there grand monuments and places in quite unusual surroundings.
If you are looking for an out-of-the-ordinary and special location for your event - then Trier is the perfect selection.

Framework program:
A good portion of guided city touring, a handful of museum experience, a good sip of wine an a pinch of fresh air on deck of a Moselle boat...our Trier-building blocks provide you with a tasty recipe, allowing you to combine time- and budget-flexible offers for every target group.

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