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Trier for All

Drinking Water Dispensers

For decades, science has known that strong emotions can also be reflected in the body’s temperature: Anyone who is excited, surprised or exhilarated will start sweating. Long-time observations in our pedestrian zone have shown that this is particularly the case on Trier’s ‘Erlebnisroute’ between Porta Nigra and the Amphitheatre. After all, who wouldn’t be exhilarated in the face of such monumental magnificence?

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Two free thirst-quenchers run by the Trier municipal utility company at Domfreihof square and the Imperial Baths provide some help here. Between April and October, the public water fountains a guarantee crystal-clear cool-off for all passersby who have worked up a sweat or who simply want to top up their drink bottles. And the stainless steel columns also promote sustainability, with sustainably fewer disposable bottles, and sustainably more thrills.