Trier Panorama
Trier for All


The word on the Autobahn is that motorways end in cities that are simply too beautiful to drive past.  
We definitely believe that – and so can completely understand why an Autobahn ends right at the northern entrance to Trier. It’s a way of accessing Germany’s old city quickly and conveniently on four wheels – even in larger group. Coaches and regular buses make it possible. But even when coming from the Eifel Mountains or the Upper Moselle, along the Saar or the Moselweinstrasse (Moselle Wine Road), (almost) all roads lead to the ‘second Rome’. Welcome!

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1st Preview Photo: Longxiang Qian/

Long-Distance Buses​

The following long-distance coaches operate to and from Trier:

Local Public Transport​

Trier provides a sound public transportation network including local and regional bus lines as well as regional trains​. Schedules, fares and general information is available at VRT (Verkehrsverbund Region Trier).