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City Museum (Stadtmuseum Simeonstift)

The Stadtmuseum (City Museum) features highlights of Trier’s medieval and modern history, high-quality engravings and paintings, two impressive city models, and a top-class clothing collection under one roof (a more detailed description of the exhibits can be found here).
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In addition to general tours through the collection, the following specialised themes are also available:

  • Afterlife in the antiquity – the perpetuation of Roman culture from the Middle Ages to today
  • Trier – city of electors
  • Trier under the swastika – the days of National Socialism


Meeting place:
Stadtmuseum Simeonstift Trier

60 minutes

Prices in foreign languages:
€ 60.00 plus entry

School groups: € 3.00 per student incl. entry

further guided tours

Trier during National Socialism (project morning for school students, grades 10 and above)

Meeting place:
Stadtmuseum Simeonstift Trier

60 minutes

Price in foreign language:
2019/2020: € 120.00 plus entry

Group size:
max. 25 personen


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