The Three Maidens of Trier
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The Three Maidens of Trier

Jenny Marx urgently needs to make it to the stagecoach that will take her to her ship to London. After all, her husband Karl’s new manuscripts need to be proof-read! But she still has so much to tell her closest girlfriends in Trier, Adelheid von Besselich and Empress Helena. The stagecoach finally heads off – and everyone, including the listeners, has had a fun time learning all about Trier.
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Helena, Adelheid and Jenny are the ‘three maidens of Trier’, who are now permanent features in the costume-tour repertoire. Anyone listening to them will not only be immersed in imperial 4th-century Trier, the religious world of the Middle Ages, or the decades of bitter poverty in the 19th century; they can also laugh along with the three confident women, even though there may be some disagreement over the right to worship the Holy Robe.


Meeting place:
Outside the Cathedral Information Office opposite the cathedral

90 minutes

€ 249.00 (in German)

Group size:
Max. 25 persons

This tour is not suitable for children under the age of 16.
According to the Youth Protection Act, we do not give Wein / Viez to young people under the age of 16.

For smaller groups, we recommend participating in one of the public events.


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