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The Roman Empire – collapsed? The antiquity – long gone? That may well be. But you can still find traces of these in Trier: Born-and-bred Romans who knew the city as Augusta Treverorum, and who were there for Constantine’s reign and his major construction projects, such as the cathedral, basilica and Imperial Baths.
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Some of them had connections to the imperial family, while others worked as simple Roman citizens in the city of cities. And no one could better describe the pride and glamour of that time, celebrate it more enthusiastically, or recreate it more authentically in their mind’s eye than them. Follow our Roman guides through the city. Learn about the basilica and other structures, including from the inside. And listen to ancient eye-witness accounts of how Rome continues to influence our everyday life.


Meeting place:
Trier Tourist Information Office or by arrangement

120 minutes

€ 160.00 / in German: € 150.00

Group size:
Max. 25 persons

For integrated inside visits entrance fees can be added. Information can be found at the respective attraction / museum.

Recommended route

Porta Nigra (with visit inside) – CathedralBasilica of Constantine (with visit inside) – Imperial Baths (with visit inside)


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