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Educational trails

In fact, the term "educational trail" is almost a bit too bulky for what awaits you around Trier. Above all, it is because the emphasis is on the experience of nature, whether alone or in a group.

You can always combine your exploration tours with other activities. On the forest nature trail, for example, after a 3.5 kilometer exploration of the local forest, a picnic or a visit to the eight-hectare game open-air reserve is on the program. The walk on the Trier wine culture path, however, can be wonderfully combined with a visit to a winegrower in Trier district Olewig. By prior booking ( you will be accompanied by the winegrower on the wine educational trail and be offered a wine tasting of those wines whose grapes you have previously seen on the vines.

in the city of Trier

Trier Wine Culture Trail
Stretching approx. 1.6 kilometres, you’ll not only be provided with loads of information on the grape varieties grown and the Devonian slate that so characterises the Moselle; you’ll also learn a lot about vineyard work, the various types of wineries and growing methods, how grapes are harvested, and how wine is matured.
You will find further information here.

Waldlehrpfad und Haus des Waldes im Stadtwald Trier
Der ca. 3,6 km lange Waldlehrpfad beim Wildgehege Weisshauswald zeigt heimische Gehölzarten. Im Haus des Waldes beschäftigt sich eine Dauerausstellung mit dem Thema Wald.
Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier.

Wild Game Park Weisshauswald Trier
The wild game preserve comprising 20 acres / 7.9 hectares has red deer, wild boar, fallow deer, Mangalitsas (sheep pig), goats, and much more. Visitors can feed the animals with special wild game feed from the vending machines. 
Admission to the game preserve is free.
Children can work off energy at the attractive playground.

Tree World Path
Information about the tree-world path can be found here.

in the holiday region Trier

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