Trier for All

Ice Skating - Winterland Trier

There is an old German adage saying "Wenn es dem Esel zu wohl wird, geht er aufs Eis tanzen", which could be translated with "If the donkey is doing too well, he might go dance on ice". Indeed, it fits, since the stoic ungulate animal is considered to have a tremendous intelligence and social vein. This is the reason why he knows that ice is the ideal place to have a good time with friends and work colleagues –or make new ones.

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Between November and February, the Winter Land opens its doors against the beautiful backdrop of the Kornmarkt. Here you can go ice-skating alone or in a group with a good background hip music. Even on a long day, ice skating fans have the ultimate gliding guarantee from start to finish: The ice is renewed every three hours. Special events such as family days, evening ice discos or curling tournaments (exclusively for companies and groups) make the varied program perfect. The above adage also applies just the other way around: Who goes in Trier on ice will feel (blissfully) at ease.

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