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Trier for All

Sightseeing flights

Realists say: Always keep your feet firmly on the ground. Dreamers know: Sometimes you need to have your head in the clouds! Or at least just below.
This is possible in the flight schools in and around Trier. They offer flying lessons and sightseeing flights, which show the Moselle Valley from a completely different perspective ‒and in every season. You can also learn paragliding high above Trier in the sky.

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Sightseeing flights from Trier-Föhren airfield

Fliegerclub Region Trier e.V.
Flugplatz Föhren 1
54343 Föhren

Tel: +49 171 142 9314

Drive Fly Luftfahrt GmbH
Jean-Monnet-Straße 11
Industriepark Region Trier
54343 Föhren
Tel. + 49(0)6502 980787

Flugplatz Föhren 1
54343 Föhren

Tel. +49 (0)172 6574888

Flugschule Portaflug
Flugplatz Föhren 1
54343 Föhren

Tel. +49 (0)1762 8676435

Gliding airfield Konz-Könen

Aero-Club Trier und Konz e.V.
54329 Konz-Könen
Tel. +49 (0) 6501 17735

Gliding airfield Kell am See

Segelflugverein Kell am See
54427 Kell am See
Tel. +49 (0)6589 7777