Trier for All

Olewiger wine festival

The reigning wine queen Katja Leiendecker hands over the crown to her successor: Leoni Zeimet, a real Olewigerin. The traditional barrel rolling takes place on Sunday, and it is hoped that other women will also take part.
No question: In Olewig, women have increasingly taken the reins in recent years. And the men are proud of that too – not just in the Trier district itself, but throughout the city.

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Open-minded, cheerful and tolerant: This is also how the Trier-Olewig wine festival should be, which the association of local winemakers has been hosting for more than 70 years. Therefore, the festival offers quite naturally also other fluid delicacies, such as beer and Viez (Appel wine). A good thing for the many guests who want to celebrate –from Friday to Monday– more variety into their glasses, on the thoroughfare (locked for the duration of the festival), on the adjacent green space or in the courtyards of the local wineries and restaurants. Live music and culinary delights complement the visit of the festival. Also, according to the tradition, a new Trier Wine Queen is crowned each year at the Olewig wine festival. Finally, the female scepter should never be given completely out of hand.

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