Trier Panorama
Trier for All

Car & Motorbike

If the journey is the destination, as fans of slow travel claim, then there is much to smile about when heading to Trier.
Because the rural roads along the Saar and Moselle take you through picturesque vineyards, little villages, and often steep rock formations. Give yourself a bit of time to enjoy this varied landscape. And for those who like things at a faster pace, are encouraged to take the Autobahns. Coming from the Saarland, Palatinate and Luxembourg, they’ve chosen Trier as their personal destination. Because even Autobahns appreciate the beauties of life.

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You can reach Trier via autobahn:
  • A 1 from Saarbruecken (about 1:00 h)
  • A1 from Kaiserslautern (about 1:15 h)
  • A 1 / A 48 from Koblenz (about 1:15 h)
  • A 1 / A 48 from Koeln (Cologne) (about 2:00 h)
  • A 64 from Luxembourg (about 0:30 h)

The following state roads (Bundesstrassen) are heading to Trier:
  • from the Eifel: B 51 from Pruem / Bitburg
  • along the river Saar: B 51 from Saarbruecken
  • Moselle Wine Road (Moselweinstrasse): B 49 / B 53 from Cochem / Bernkastel-Kues
  • Hunsrueckhoehenstrasse: B 327 / B 52 from the Hunsrueck
  • along the river Moselle: B 419 / B 51 from France / Luxembourg

Please note:
No emissions sticker is required to enter the city of Trier.

1st Preview Photo: FrankinJapan/