Excavations Trier Cathedral - © Rita Heyen
Trier for All

Excavations under the Cathedral Information Office

The year 313 must have been a liberation for the early Christians in Trier: Emperor Constantine tolerated the Christian faith within his empire, and ordered Christians’ confiscated and destroyed possessions to be replaced at the state’s expense.
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The giant cathedral construction project, which saw a vast church complex created in just under 70 years, commenced soon after. Its beginnings, when the Christians would still gather in a small local church, its former scale, and its subsequent destructions, can today still be seen in the excavations under the Cathedral Information Office. It’s a unique journey back to the days when the Christians went from being a persecuted minority to a state-funded religious community, when wars, fires and conquests repeatedly rocked the city, and when the cathedral clergy wielded their power outwardly, including through architecture. This one-hour tour combines very well with a similarly one-hour tour through the present-day cathedral.

All photos: Rita Heyen


Meeting place:
Cathedral Information Office, Liebfrauenstraße 12

60 minutes

 €  90.00 / in German: € 80.00, + a maintenance charge for the structure: € 25.00 (per group)

Group size:
Max. 15 persons, minimum age 14 years.
A second tour can only commence once the first is finished.


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