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The Barbara Baths

We don’t want to brag, but when it comes to the Barbara Baths, it’s pretty hard not to. It’s almost impossible to imagine the magnificence that unfolded here stone by stone during the second half of the 2nd century. The largest bath complex in the entire Roman Empire outside of Rome sprawled over an area of some 42,000 square metres here. A pretty penny was spent on this monumental facility. After all, wellness starts in the mind. And Greek-inspired marmoreal Amazons, column ruins and young bodies (today housed at the Rheinisches Landesmuseum Trier) all paint a picture of the extent to which people also indulged in artistic recreation at the Barbara Baths.
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Unfortunately, very little of the complex remains today. Only a third of the original bathing temple has been excavated. So you’ll have to be a bit imaginative as you stand on the visitor walkway looking up at the treetops, trying to grasp how the buildings once soared towards the heavens. And as you look across Südallee and Kaiserstrasse to visualise how far the entire complex once stretched toward the horizon. And as you imagine hundreds of human bodies filling the area, giving you an idea of how popular this body-care hotspot must have once been. By then, you’ll have understood why we felt the need to brag a bit. Just a teeny tiny bit.

A must for: Record hunters. Imaginative minds. Excavation enthusiasts and outdoor explorers.

UNESCO World Heritage Site:
Excavation: 20%
Imagination: 80%

Stroll along the free visitor walkway to see how luxurious the Barbara Baths used to be. Reconstructions reveal the architecture and the typical daily routine at the baths. The baths’ post-antiquity fate as a quarry is also touched on. And archaeologists describe their current restoration work on the site.

Header: © Eva Sonne-Krings

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The Barbara Baths
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