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Architecture students from all over the world have it easy in Trier; one visit to the cathedral and they’ve got a snapshot of all (European) architectural styles since the antiquity.
Architecture students from all over the world have a tough time in Trier; one visit to the cathedral and they’re simply stunned by the rich forms, the thrilling balancing act achieved by a wide variety of architectural styles, and the way different tastes from the last 1700 years all co-exist alongside, with and on top of one another.
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But don’t despair: Anyone who approaches the cathedral with a curious and open mind will understand it. They will admire the playing of the light in the ancient square building (‘Quadratbau’) that today continues to be the heart of the church. They will walk past medieval tombs oozing staggering sophistication and confident humility. They will soak up the tranquillity of the cloister, and swoon over the baroque playfulness of the western chancel. And they will sense the centuries-old vibrancy that ensures even the 21st century leaves its mark with new works of art.
So allow yourself to experiment, admire the greatness, the greatness in all its glory, but also the finer aspects of the greatness! Because what very few people realise is that, in Trier, the devil is not in the detail, but rather under a small flap on the magnificent swallow’s nest organ. And if you do end up getting lost in details, have a look at the Holy Robe, which is said to have been worn by Jesus Christ during his crucifixion.  And many generations who have undertaken pilgrimages to see it since it was first presented in 1512 are convinced it can offer assistance in the midst of all the confusion.

A must for: Believers. Non-believers. Architecture enthusiasts. Organ-music fans. Lovers of variety. Crypt-goers and art aficionados.

UNESCO World Heritage Site: 100%
Tranquillity: 40%
Artistic pleasure: 60%

There are lots of different animals hiding in the cathedral. And it’s great fun to find them all – fish and foxes, birds and horses, dragons, snakes and mice – the latter even in the form of a computer mouse! (Can’t find it? Have another look in the cloister). The animal hunt is a wonderful way to explore the entire cathedral with children. And be sure to take the stairs too – the crypts and the Holy Robe chapel are worth the effort!

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