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15 months. That’s all the time Karl Marx spent in the baroque house on present-day Brückenstrasse. But given that he was born in an alcove there at 2 a.m. on 5 May 1818, the building naturally oozes the revolutionary air of the big wide world. But Trier’s most famous son didn’t explore it totally of his own free will: His path as a victim of political persecution, who analysed and denounced the prevailing conditions of the time as a journalist and writer, took him from Germany to France to Belgium to Great Britain. The permanent exhibition, which was completely reworked in 2018 to commemorate Marx’s 200th birthday, traces his life through Europe, and examines his various roles, his work methods, his networks and his legacy from the late 19th century to the present. A particular highlight is the dark-wood reading chair with yellowy-beige fabric seat covering and floral ornamentation, in which Marx is said to have died. And of course his own personal pocket watch.
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But it’s worth visiting even aside from tangible Marx objects like this. Not just because the house also boasts a lovely garden, but also because Marx’s ideas and theories (presented very visually as part of the permanent exhibition) were the true wealth of this great philosopher. A wealth which continues to have an effect to this day. And which you can even take home with you to reflect on yourself.

A must for: Marx fans and critics. Proletarians and capitalists. Philosophers, journalists and revolutionaries.

Philosophy: 70%
Labour movement: 40%
Calligraphy: 40%

Opening hours

Today, 25.05.2024: Open
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