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1903 was a year of great upheaval in Trier: The horses were leaving! The year before, the city had introduced the horsecar, which had been driven along two routes through Trier since 1890. Now people wanted to replace horsepower with electric engines. This was inconceivable to the people of Trier, who feared that the historic inner city would be defaced by this ‘new-fangled stuff’. But the plan went ahead, changing its system two years later and expanding the rail network.
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Today, Trier locals look back wistfully on those times when electric trams would run in the city, for they ceased operation in 1951. Even the trolleybus disappeared from the townscape in 1970. But the Transport Museum is responsible for reviving the good old days. Opened in 2005, its exhibits include the equipment of every train conductor from the last century: Uniforms and peaked caps, ticket punches and fare changers, hand-held radios, badges and old timetables. The museum, which is run by the Trierer Stadtwerke public utilities company in co-operation with members of the Straßenbahnerverein Trier 1924 e.V. tram association, is opened upon request and is a veritable treasure trove for all bus and train fans.

A must for: Recreational conductors. Engine drivers. Uniform lovers and nostalgists.

Special interest: 40%
Hobbies: 60%
Work-to-rule: 0%

The oldest exhibit is a piece of railway track from 1903 – there’s still even a horseshoe from when the tram was once horse-drawn. Another unique highlight is the vintage bus from 1962, which can also be hired for special rides by enthusiast groups. It’s worth enquiring!

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Opening hours

Opening hours and guided tours by appointment.

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The tour of the museum is free of charge, a donation for further expansion of the museum is requested.

Contact Person

Jens-Uwe Korn und Jürgen Schlöder 
Stadtwerke Trier
Gottbillstraße 13-15
54294 Trier

Tel. +49 (0)651-7173368