Franco's Tower

In the Middle Ages, anyone wanting to learn about the good old days simply had to run through the streets of Trier. For the people back then were extremely pragmatic about their historic heritage: Buildings that couldn’t be used further had to serve as stone quarries for new structures. And so it was that even many of the fortress-like tower houses that sprung up in the inner city during the 11th and 12th centuries were built using old Roman stone material that was still omnipresent. Very few of these towers have been preserved today – the Frankenturm, named after one of its 14th-century inhabitants, Franco von Senheim, is one of them, and is also the best preserved. Ancient stones in its walls have outlived time, and the place where this is most striking is on a lintel on the eastern side, where a Roman tombstone has been hewn into a semi-circular shape and incorporated upside down.

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The plain façade and crenellated coping are evidence in themselves that the tower’s builders preferred to take control of their own safety. The ancient city wall was indeed largely destroyed, while the medieval city wall was never fully completed – a good enough reason to show off one’s own defensiveness with small windows and robust walls. In addition, the front door was located on the first floor of the eastern side, and was only accessible via a fold-up wooden staircase. In the event of an attack, uninvited guests would thus find themselves facing a solid wall, with no way of getting in. A door was only fitted on the ground floor in the 19th century. And thank goodness it was, for the tower can today be hired as an events venue. It doesn’t bear thinking about the potential injuries that could have resulted without the modern fittings.

A must for: Knights. Robbers. Dainty damsels. Watchmen and conquerors.

Medieval character: 80%
Chance of storming: 10%
Party level: 50%

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As the Frankenturm is used as an event location, tours are only possible within guided tours.

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Trier Tourismus und Marketing GmbH
Jan Hoffmann Simeonstraße 55
54290 Trier
Tel. +49 (0)651 97808 -30

Rental fee

Long-term rates:
For occupancy from 14: 00h to 10: 00h of the following day: 360,00 EUR

Hourly rate:
1st to 4th hour: 42.00 EUR per hour
from the 5th hour: 24.00 EUR per hour

The cost for the final cleaning is 89,00 EUR

In the period from October to March, 36.00 EUR heating fee will be charged per day!

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Fire laws PROHIBIT SMOKING or OPEN FIRES in Franco's Tower! Franco's Tower is a PROTECTED STRUCTURE and is located in a RESIDENTIAL AREA and in the direct vicinity of a hotel. The user is obligated to maintain noise control and to follow legal emission standards, that is, noise penetrating to the outside during the evening or night hours is not permitted. We assume respectful behavior surrounding the structure. Franco's Tower is to be swept clean upon returning the key. Any waste material is to be removed from the building and disposed of properly. Rental payment is to be conducted by bank transfer upon receipt of invoice sent by Trier Tourismus und Marketing GmbH.


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