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Jerusalem Tower

Just like the Franco´s Tower and Dreikönigenhaus, the Jerusalem Tower was one of the well-fortified tower houses built in Trier in the Middle Ages. Dating back some 1000 years, it is also the oldest of the three remaining tower buildings, and the oldest building in the Walderdorff Palace complex at Domfreihof Square.
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But the intense renovations have meant it today no longer looks as forbidding and tower-like as its two brothers: Two of its five floors have been lost, and thus also the top merlon. The windows in turn were significantly enlarged in the 19th century. But this remodelling is perfect for the Jerusalem Tower’s present-day use as the registry office. And what kind of newlyweds would already be thinking of things like attacks and defence?

A must for: Lovers. Engaged couples. Married couples.

Romanticism: 50%
History: 50%
Crowds: 0%

The specialised ‘Underground Trier’ tour takes you deep down – but only figuratively. Because the tour through the mysterious cellars and fascinating excavations is one of our most popular, and may be tailored to your needs and times, and combined with a wine tasting. The Jerusalem Tower is also one of the stops on this tour: The present-day cellar, which was originally at ground level, is a key example of medieval architecture, and still boasts traces of ancient settlements under its flooring.

Opening hours

As the Jerusalem Tower is used as a registry office, sightseeing is only possible from the outside.


Civil Registry Office (Standesamt Trier), Jerusalem Tower
Domfreihof 1b
54290 Trier

Tel. +49 (0)651 718-1349

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